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More profit with less illegal copies.

Protect your CD against illegal copy.

It is not easy to grasp all there is to know about copy protection and why we must learn how to implement it. One must always keep in mind that the Internet is there to help us as in many other subjects and we can only benefit from that. By using such programs and telling other people about them, we may help to create history without being aware of doing so.

In the years to follow, we will see many changes when it comes to software and copy protection. There is a strong chance for advanced programs to appear, making the copying process more and more difficult. Regrettably, there will always be people desiring to test their limits by breaking serial codes and cracking such programs. We cannot say for sure that someday copy protection will be used by everyone. But it is important to maintain our optimism and fight for the things we believe in.

Resource box: We understand why copy protection is so important. Our mission is to provide software protection programs, such as WTM CD Protect, and help you be safe. Do not hesitate to use our products and promote legal copying.

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