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9. USB Flash Drive Copy Protection:

USB Flash Drive Copy Protection (Download) is used for encrypting all types of data namely pdf, doc, xls, txt, pps, psd, xml, exe, scr and so on. This is done using the USB hardware key of USB flash drives.

Step 1: Selection of Source Folder -

The source folder having your created files is first selected.

Step 2: Selection of target USB drive –

The target USB drive is then selected for creation of a USB Flash Drive.

Step 3: Press Check Button –

The check button is pressed which results in producing the worked targets. Each USB flash drive has a unique serial number and type with vendor names. WTM reads vital data from the USB flash drive out and helps in generating a finger print of the same.

Step 4: Option to Include and Exclude Files as Desired –

There is a separate option named “Exclude files from crypter” which, if checked, would exclude the files as desired by users. WTM will first copy the viewer and write an autostart for the USB flash drive. There is a separate option named “Include autostart and viewer” which, if checked, activates this checkbox and WTM will copy the viewer and write an autostart for the USB flash drive.

Step 5: Selection of Compression Ratio –

Compression Ratio has four modes of selection: namely - Fastest, Normal, Max and None. The User can select any one among these four modes as per their preference.

Step 6: Process of Protection -

WTM crypts all data from source folder to USB using the finger print generated and writes this directly to the USB flash drive. It is vital to have the appropriate USB flash drive, as using this only the WTM viewer scans the drive and reads the generated finger print. The scanned data is then used to encrypt the data and start the process. The viewer is a one file scan/show tool that the user can include on the USB flash drive.

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