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Copy protection:
Copy protection refers to no illegal and fraudulent copying of the data contained in the CD. CD copy protection takes place by assuming certain feature levels in the drives. WTM CD Protect will protect CD against RAW-Copy. With Function "USB Flash Drives Protection" - DVD Structure Protection and CD Structure Protection.

Working Concept of WTM CD Protector
Special modified files are first burnt on a CD and the images on this CD will be protected by WTM CD Protector. This means that when the images are burnt on the CD and protected by WTM CD Protector, then it is mostly not possible to read the modified files present in the CD. This gives security and when any user tries to copy the CD, it would result in reading of files protected by WTM CD Protector which would result in error message being thrown by the software. This protects only the special modified files and other normal files are still readable. That is, a user can copy only the readable files and burn again in the CD as per their needs. This opens a possibility of adding the modified files to normal files. If a user does this, then again the files will not be readable and thus giving security to the data being protected by WTM CD Protector.

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