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The *.imp-files are found in WTM CD Protector directory with file names as image1.imp, image2.imp, image3.imp, image4.imp, image5.imp, image6.imp image7.imp and so on. These *.imp files get created when WTM CD Protector is used by the user for the first time. Many *.img-files and larger ones (image7.imp) improve the protection. The *.imp files will be in unreadable format on the protected CD thus protecting the data.
Remember: These *.imp file of WTM Copy Protection V2 and WTM CD Protect V1 are not compatible. You can mix it with no problem, but WTM V2 cannot find *.imp from V1. The best way is to insert these files into folders.

CRC Check is referred to the process by which some programs check themselves for changes in the file. In *.imp, if files are added to CRC-check program-files then this modification will be noticed by them and the execution would get canceled.

File Type and their Appendix
The file types with appendix .exe, .com are Executable files. These executable files can be protected with WTM CD Protector only if they have no CRC-Check. The archived, packed files have appendix like szip, .rar, .ace, .tar, .jar.. The archived, packed files cannot be protected using WTM CD Protector. Similarly, the .html, .php, .doc, .xls, .txt appendix files named as documents, files and images, pictures with appendix as .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, ...also cannot be protected using WTM CD Protector.

Need for CD Protection
Low cost disc, easy availability of recording software, transmission using broadband and the internet all contribute to the problem and need for CD protection. WTM CD Protect is an efficient end-user friendly with no technical knowledge needed for usage, strong, compatible and easy to use, can be easily installed and implemented. It can efficiently protect various file types with greatest security.

Tools used with WTM CD Protect
For using WTM CD Protector, three things are needed. They are: CD-Burning-Software, Raw Burning-Software (only for CD sector errors needed) and the latest version of WTM CD Protect or WTM Copy Protection. The CD-Burning-Software is used for creating a CD with files or data. The Raw Burning-Software is used to clone the CD in Raw96 mode (.ccd and .img File Types). In addition to the above two software, the latest version of WTM CD Protect is installed as given in instructions given in chapter 2 of the user manual and made used.

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