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Step 6: Selection of Length of Filename and Directory Depth-

Different levels of files have different file name length restrictions. Choose filename length as maximum of 11 which denotes Level 2. Typically, this is close to 180 characters. Also check the two options present in heading:
Relax ISO restrictions
Allow path depth of more than 8 directories
Allow more than 255 characters in path

The general design approach used in the Joliet specification is to relax restrictions and resolve ambiguities in the ISO 9660:1988 specification so the practical goals can be met.

So check the option present in heading Joliet restrictions. That is the below option in heading:
Joliet restrictions
Allow more than 64 characters for Joliet names
is also checked

Step 7: *.imp files Added –

Fill the whole compilation CD with *.imp-files present in the WTM CD Protector folder. The *.imp-files are found in WTM CD Protector directory with file names as image1.imp, image2.imp, image3.imp, image4.imp, image5.imp, image6.imp image7.imp and so on. These *.imp files get created when WTM CD Protector is used for the first time. The *.imp files are added till there is no space left on the CD. Add the *.imp files such that is it is spread throughout the CD. The best way is to insert these files into folders.

Step 8: Renaming Files –

If a user so wishes, he or she can also rename the *.imp-files to make them look more important. The renaming also helps in identification. For instance, renaming *.imp files as "setup32.dll", "winrun.dll", "setupdata.dat" and so on would give more security to the data by making it more difficult for the person attempting to copy, to locate the unprotected files.

Step 9: Need for Protection –

Thus, by the above process, all the *.imp-files are added to the compilation CD and also renamed as needed by user. Thus, once the image file with *.img is protected, the *.imp-files will no longer be readable. Even the *.imp which are renamed to some other file, are also not readable. When a user tries to copy the CD, then reading of these *.imp files takes place, which would result in error messages being thrown. However, there is still protection needed because all other files can still be easily copied. Any user can attempt to sort out the protected files and copy the important files. To prevent this, follow Step 9.

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