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6. Easiest Needle / Pin Trick

The Needle or Pin Trick works on all types of discs and is the most easiest and efficient one for your data. This method is the easiest way to ensure good protection to CDs or DVDs. Let us see how to use this method in detail.

Step 1: Choose the Tool in WTM Copy Protection -

To use the tool of Needle or Pin Trick you have to first go to WTM Copy Protection.

Step 2: Creation of Dummy Files –

The second step is to create dummy files. This enables you to use sizes over 150 MB of CDs and 500MB on DVDs. However, it is important to take care that you have enough empty space on your CD and DVD to crash it with a needle or pin.

Step 3: Renaming File –

Rename the above created dummy file to 00000001.tmp. When you use more, then rename in the order 00000002.tmp, 00000003.tmp and so on. An important point to take care is the aspect of needed space for carrying out this process. It is wise to hide the .tmp files created above in folders.

Step 4: Process of Burning –

Burn this CD with your data now. You can use any burning software to burn the data on the CD or DVD.

Step 5: Scratching Data –

In order to scratch this data, you have to start from the beginning and process the whole CD with a pin or needle. This would finish the process smoothly but the associated problem in this is, though your CD and DVD would work fine, you will not be able to copy it because it cannot copy in the ratio 1:1. A lot of time is needed by the burner to read out or break it.

To handle this problem , there is a good method for handling the Needle or Pin which is discussed in detail in the next division.

6.1 Efficient Method with Needle / Pin

The efficient method of handling the Needle or Pin is to burn the .tmp files and rename it in two sessions. In the first session you handle the .tmp files and in the second session, you handle your data. After the burning process as described using the sessions approach, make use of a pen and foil. Using the pen, write the limit on the foil. By doing this you can see it on the CD or DVD with a color difference. This approach enables you to easily differentiate between vital data and information you must scratch.

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