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2. Installation

WTM CD Protect is the ultimate full CD protection solution and a free test version is also available for installation.

WTM CD Protect needs around 200 MB and WTM Copy Protection about 1400 MB of hard disk space.

Step 1: Run Executable –

To install, run cdprot.exe and follow the on screen instructions.

Step 2: Accept License Agreement –

You get the screen
WTM CD Protection V2 Setup: License Agreement
Read the license agreement and click the button “I Agree”.

Step 3: Selection of Installation Options -

This will open the screen
WTM CD Protection V2 Setup: Installation Options
This will have three options, namely
WTM Copy Protection
Start Menu Shortcuts and
Icon on Desktop

Among this, WTM Copy Protection is the mandatory option and would be already checked as selected.

The other two options for selection are:
Start Menu Shortcuts and
Icon on Desktop

You can select and check the option based on your needs. That is, if the software WTM CD Protect is to be installed in Start Menu Shortcuts, you can select and check the option Start Menu Shortcuts and if it needed on the desktop as an Icon, then that option could be selected and checked.

Step 4: Select Destination Folder –

After selection, click the Next button which will open the screen showing destination folder. In this, browse and select the place where you want the WTM CD Protect to get installed.

Step 5: WTM CD Protect Installed –

After selecting the destination folder, click on the button “Install” which will start the installation process and the WTM CD Protect would get installed in you system.

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