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7. FAQ

Q. My cds do not have sector errors on it. What is wrong with my CD?

A. Here is what could have gone wrong:

- Do not protect raw images with WTM Protect (.bin, .img, ...)
- Do not use 2 burning programs namely raw and normal mode
- Try testing any other raw burning tool
- Sectors errors work only on CDs and not on DVDs
- There must have been some version problem usage made by you. Maybe, you used V1 image.imp and protected it with V2 or vice versa.

Q. I do not have data on CD, what’s wrong?

A. Try hiding the image?.imp files into one or more folders.

Q. Why I do not have the scan/write speed in WTM Copy Protection V2?

A. WTM Copy Protection V2 is faster than V1 and is exactly present with high speed.

Q. Why can I not protect images larger than 200 MB?

A. This is because you are using the trial/demo version only. Register your version and you can protect images larger than 200 MB.

Q. What are the capacities of discs?

A. The general capacities of discs are:

- 200 – 900 MB for CDs
- 4.7 – 9.5 GB for DVDs

Q. WTM Protect does not start, why?

A. Given below are the reasons and solutions for the same:

- WTM Protect has a crack protection and a serial privacy system
- An Important point to check is that there are no debuggers working in background
- Reinstall WTM Protect
- If WTM is cracked, then order an original. This is because the cracked WTM version will not work properly
- Remove illegal anti privacy programs

Q. My Win XP restarts sometimeswhen I protect images, why?

A. Install SP 2 and SP 3 with current updates for your Win XP.

Q: Why is my image file empty after protecting (without wizard) or some files are lost?

A: Do not use udf format in your image files. Some tools create images that do not work with WTM protection.

Q: My Windows XP restarts sometimes when I protect images with WTM CD Protect V1:

A: This problem is in WTM CD Protect V1.9x and on Windows XP with SP2 on some hardware only. Update the new WTM Copy Protection V2 to resolve this problem.

Q: May I open a window with "In Prof. Version only" on some functions?

A: This means that when you like to use this function, you need to order the professional version of WTM.

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