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4.2 Protection of Audio CD Using WTM CD Protection

Audio-CDs can only be protected as a whole. Single songs can still be read and e.g. be converted to MP3s or burned to a new CD. It is essential that you must not try to protect individual songs with the software WTM CD Protector.

The protection of Audio CD Using WTM CD Protection has two different approaches. Let us see each of them in detail.

Method 1:

The below method is generally the recommended method for protection of Audio CD using the software WTM CD Protection. Let us see in detail how to carry out this method for protection of Audio CD Using WTM CD Protection.

Step 1: Creation of New Mixed-Mode-Compilation –

Make use of your CD-burning software and create a new Mixed-Mode-compilation

Step 2: Adding Audio-Tracks –

After creation of new Mixed-Mode-compilation, add your audio-tracks in the audio-section.

Step 3: Add *.imp-files –

In the data-section, add as many *.imp-files as possible.

Step 4: Process of Burning on CD –

Burn this compilation on a CD. It would be better to use a re-writable CD (CD-RW) for carrying out this process because the content of the CD is useless later.

Step 5: RAW-Burner Software Creation –

The next step is to create a Raw Burner software-image of this CD. The instruction for this is same as we followed before for a data CD.

Step 6: Process of Protection –

After the creation of Raw Burner software-image of the CD, it is protected using WTM CD Protector.

Step 7: Close WTM Copy Protection –

Check whether all the above steps are carried out properly. Once all the steps are done, close the software WTM CD Protection and burn the protected image with your Raw Burner software.

Step 8: Protected Audio CD –

Thus the above steps carried out in sequence as detailed would result in your audio CD fully protected by the software WTM Copy Protection.

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