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About WTM Copy Protection

WTM CD Protect helps to protect compact discs against illegal copy. The business profit is increased by reducing the illegal copies and for achieving this with maximum efficiency, WTM CD Protect plays a vital role. The software gives various types of protection, namely CD copy protection, video CD protection, data CD protection, and music CD protection. The users can access their data easily with more security against copying and duplication using WTM CD Protect or WTM Copy Protection. Data is the most important asset in any business and so it is vital to protect this valuable asset against accidental deletion and corruption. The easiest way of handling this is by using WTM CD Protect. The protection is much secure and effective. WTM CD Protect is sure to protect against tampering of any kind. WTM CD Protect is a one stop measure for taking care of all problems related to CD protection and is an effective CD Copy Protection Software. The latest Version namely Version 2 of WTM Copy Protection has features that provide copy protection for DVDs. This supports even modified DVD images and helps to get modified data structures on DVDs and there by helps to get a harder anti copy system on DVDs. The File Protection makes fake and modified filename sizes get copy protected. When users include a lot of such dummy/fake images, then they have good copy protection. The file protection works efficiently with CDs and DVDs.

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