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More profit with less illegal copies.

Protect your CD against illegal copy.

Software Protection use EXE Stealth Protection


CD Protection

WTM CD Protect

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It is a very good thing to be able to go online and find programs that will grant you total copy protection. One must do a thorough search before starting the use of such a program and analyse every piece of information on it. The results are incredible and one cannot help to feel glad to have chosen the path of copy protection.

As it was said before, it is only natural to protect what is our own. This is why is important to use such programs and educate other people also on that subject. Promoting the concept of copy protection is what everyone should be doing instead of passing around illegal copies. Be smart, take a smart decision today! Say no to unlawful copying and start using cd protection kits.

Resource box: When it comes to the best software protection out there, we are the perfect place to find it. Choose our fantastic cd protection program, WTM CD PROTECT, and you will surely be pleased with your decision.

WTM CD Protect

Free Download

To sell copyprotected CDs, you register this program.

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WTM CD Protect
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WTM CD Protect
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