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WTM Register Maker is easy to use. Protect your software with serial numbers and
with Software Licensing System. This program allows you to protect important files with
cryptographic protection.

You would like to protect your registered full exe files in your shareware download. When a customer
orders a registered version. You will send him a key. With this key the customer unlocks the full exe and
WTM Register Maker (only loader needed) overwrite the shareware exe with the registered exe
file. The WTM loader knows when a right serial number was entered in the past. Than it will start
this exe automatic.

This is only one way. There are a lot of ways.

Dowload WTM Register Maker: www.webtoolmaster.com

Project Setup

First, you start WTM Register Maker. Then enter your program name and version number in
the field with the red point. Press on generate to create a root serial key with the keygen
( key generator ). When you change this root key, than all member serial are changed and old
serials do not work.
You can select the serial function Serial, Hardware Serial and Random Serial.
Serial: When you select Serial, so you can create Serials for customers that worked on every
computer. The customer can use the serials on every computer he like.
Hardware Serial: With this function you need a ID-Number from customer, to get a right serial
for the member/customer. The ID-Number will showed automatic when he started the protected
File. The created serial worked only on the computer where the ID are okay.
Random Serial: Here you need a ID-Number from your member/customer too. On every
start of the protected File, will the serial key changed. So the member call you or mailed and
get the right serial back. Here you need the ID number, to create a right serial.

Software Licensing System

Keygen Tool

Here you can create serials for your members (customers) with this member keygen. WTM allows
you to save created serials in a small database. When you select Serials in Projects, than you get
Serial 1 and 2 when you click on generate. Give this 2 serials to the member/customer. He type
this 2 serials in the serial 1 and 2 field and press OK. When you selected Hardware or Random
Serial, then type the ID-Number in the field "Serial 1" that you need from customer. Click on
generate and you get the serial 2. Give this the customer. He type serial 2 in the right field and
click on OK.

crypto technologie

File Tool

The "Input file" is the current file witch you would like to protect. "Protected file" is the result. You can
bundle ( join ) other important files with "add file" with your protected file too. You can select
files, when you click on "Add file...". Here you can select a file or files when you press STRG for
multi select. You get with the function "Use Best Compression" your protected file smaller, but
need little longer when unlock the protected file. With the function "Extract file(s) to $appdata\"
you can select the appfolder on hard-disc to work. That is important, when you use a protected
file on a non-writeable media. That are cds, dvds or other medias. In the field right, select a
foldername. Use only chars and numbers (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) in this field.

Press on "Protect" to finish your work. You can find the generated file in the folder and filename
that you selected in the "Protected file:" field.

protecting files


Save your project, don't lose your project file or hand it out !!!
Save or load your project files here. The function "Window Stay On Top" will the program stay
every on top of the focus. So you can click on every other program, you will ever see WTM
Register Maker. So it is easy go create serials or members, when you use other programs.

WTM Register Maker

Inlcude retrieval in your protected program to get more protection. You can use files or the registry
for that.

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