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More profit with less illegal copies.

Protect your CD against illegal copy.

All the fuss going around the topic of software protection has been made because there still are lots of people refusing to take into consideration the legal aspects of the matter and respect the law. They see no harm in providing copies for their friends and do not consider that as something illegal or totally wrong. It is important to lead several campaigns and explain to people the motives behind copy protection, obvious or not.

Fortunately, there are some people who see the accute need for copy protection and use it carefully. They have the possibility to enter online and discover a wide range of websites that provide first-rate copy protection programs and download them on the spot. For such people, respecting the law is a must and the concept of copyright is well implemented in their mind

WTM CD Protect

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To sell copyprotected CDs, you register this program.

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WTM CD Protect (Small Business - 1 to 5 developer)
For Business - Standard

WTM CD Protect (Large Business - over 5 developer)
For Business - Professional


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